Lumen Art Prize Selection & New Project Announcement

Hi everyone,

it's basically my first devlog ever, I've been meaning to make one for quite a time now but I guess I really didn't know where to start. I got notified a few days ago that I was longlisted for the Lumen Art Prize. It's really a huge deal for me as it's the first time ever I am getting that kind of recognition. I am also very proud that a videogame made it to the selection for a digital art prize, along with immensely impressive works of art. This felt like the perfect opportunity to start my first devlog to share the news.  I really don't expect to go any further in the competition, but it's already changed a lot for me!

 It's been a crazy 18 months for me but I'm now back on my feet and I'm trying to shake things up! I have a new project that will probably release in a few weeks : a collaboration with a friend of mine on a poetic quiet game in the similar spirit of Sunrise.

I will also have some other news pretty soon if everything goes according to plan.

I hope everyone is doing well in these strange times.



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Mar 24, 2020

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That's awesome! You can be proud of yourself! :)