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Short but Sweet! :)

love your game :):):):)

I really like the texts. I wished if there were more spooks

When I think of videogames as a new form of art, this game comes to mind. Choke is great.

Thank you lovely person!


I didn't realize I never commented on this! The gameplay is pretty basic but I really enjoyed the use of text in the environment. It definitely gave this a little flare that similar short horror games don't have. Well done!

I liked it. It was a pleasant and creepy experience. Just the way I like my spooky games.

Short yet so tasty like a delicious appetizer. I can’t wait to see what you will cook up for a main course. Keep up the great work! 

Atmosphere is really great, I'm just curious on the engine you used for the game as well as the poem used.

It was made in Unity! Otherwise the texts are all mine :)

cool game

I like the environment you managed to create.

Not bad. I wish personaly that it was scarier but not bad for using old assets.


i just uploaded my gameplay of this game, it was pretty cool :D

Amazing spooky vibe and great game but i may have broken it :(

We're back! It's time to get back into gaming with a spooky little game called Choke! Will we escape or not! 

First of all thanks to the developer of this amazing project i really enjoyed that game....waiting for more stuff like this. :))))

just played this today! 

What a clever game!  I like the atmosphere, art style and colors in this game! 

Game had tension without anything really going on. Well done! 

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most of them are XIXth century European artists : Odilon Redon, Egon Schiele, and a few weird photographs from that period. Thanks for your interest and the video :)

A really good game, We enjoyed it very much.

Any chance for a longer version or maybe a sequel ???

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!


You could check out Sunrise, my other game (on my itch page), which is sort of a creative sequel to Choke, although with a very different mood 

Nice video by the way!


This is a really well done game. It is more atmoshperic horror than jumpscare horror. It left me wanting more to be honest. I would love to see more from this developer and a longer game. It really was a great game for what it was. I really recommend you play it for yourself. 

Hey thanks!

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This game is another clone of PT like Continuous and ContinuousLY but it's different, and in a way, better.  The game built up in suspense throughout and did not rely so heavily on jumpscares. Instead, it used the atmosphere to build up a feeling of suspense and fear.  It's clever because we've become so used to jumpscares that we expect to see it in very single horror game.  The developers knew this and decided to use those expectations against us to create a perfect atmosphere full of suspense and thrills.  I highly recommend you play it for yourself.  It's as easy as hitting that download button up top.  

If you want, you can check out the playthrough I did of the game by clicking the link down below:

If you liked what you saw, be sure to check out my channel by clicking the link below and be sure to subscribe if you want to see more from me:

On the outside, this seems like just a PT clone. After playing it, I can say I enjoyed it more. While both games have a good atmosphere, PT seemed - to me - to rely more heavily on jumpscares, whereas this stayed with building up a sense of fear and anxiety. That's scarier than any jumpscare.

I liked this little game! There wasn't much to it, but considering the length and the scope I thought you did a really good job crafting this experience. I'm not really sure what happened with the story, but it didn't really seem like you wanted it to be very specific so I'd count that as a success as well. Hope you keep making games, lemme I'll follow your stuff! Cheers.

(And check out Lumps Plays! Lumps Plays are Let's play with Pop-up commentary, it's the new way to Let's Play that all the cool kids are raging about :D)

Pretty neat stuff, nice job.

I enjoyed this game. It had many jump scares which always get me but can still get way too repetitive if done too many times. Since this game was short it was fine for all the jump scares it had but if you plan on making it longer ever I suggest putting other horror game elements in it. I did a short video on this game so if you want my full thoughts on it see it there and here is the link to it. I am Stronger and Sassier than you!| Choke


Loved this game so much! I got the feeling of being stuck with depression from it but I can also see domestic abuse like others have said. Amazing job!

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I gave my take on the gameplay, unsure if everyone else did this same but...oh boy, did I ever turn what likely was a story of domestic abuse, into a lewd commentary-filled joke - had fun! Hope people enjoy the commentary :P

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Ok I'm gonna go out and say it got me a couple of times. I really enjoyed playing this short game and the tension and anticipation killed me in some places. Done a lil' video over there on my YouTube channel here: which hopefully is good to watch.

One little criticism: pressing escape to the Restart or Quit menu? Yeah clicking Restart doesn't do anything. To restart I had to close the game with ALT + F4 and boot it up again.

Had a lot of fun with this :) I like the idea but there should be a bit more than just reading words and spoopy sounds. The map was well made but the game was a bit short.

These doors have too much sass! I loved sound track, and just the creepy feel it had! Even if it was a bit short, it did a good job at being an atmospheric game.


You really made me laugh with this one !

So glad I could provide a laugh or two :D

This game was a blast... it didn't tell a narrative so you got to just have fun with all the quirky, insulting and trolling messages strewn all over the place. Really enjoyed the game...wish there was a little more to it though. No real jumpscares but there was some definite tension and unease because there were subtle and not so subtle hints of upcoming spoops. Can't wait to see what the developer comes up with next.


I do have something cooking but it's gonna take some time !

AWESOME!!! keep implimenting these innovative and intriguing ideas and the sky is the limit for you...keep pushing that envelope and stay AWESOME always!

Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was interesting and looked really stylish and cool. I made a let's play of it here~

Cool video! You definitely got the narrative right =)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, good luck with your other projects! :D

This game really made me feel like I was lost in some kind of psychodelic maze of doors. Th tention built more and more with every door you went through. The game has stunning atmosphere too.

Check out the demo game and support the developer to take it out of demo stage! It really looks promising. Great work!

If you liked my let's play, please nuke that subscribe button harrrrd! Much appreciated guys!

And rememberrrr, have a great weekend!!

Thanks for this video ! It's so wonderful to so all you guys playing my game =)

It was a fun little game, nice interesting graphics, I liked the back story. It could use a bit more polish, but for what it is I think it's fine. Maybe a bit more horror though. The metronome clicking or beeping is a little annoying honestly, but I didn't notice it when I was playing. All in all it could use a little work, but it was a fun little trip. 4/5 - Worth Playing

Nice video man !

Yes it's more a creepy atmospheric game than horror you're right, but I like that place in between. Thanks for playing and the feeedback ! Keep it up =)

Another PT clone,but not so much. I mean this game really tried to create some creepy atmosphere,but the lack of story destroyed the DEV's attempts ,you know.(Why am I here? What am I doing?)And some GLITCHES really bug me (You get stuck in some areas,or the graphical issue.)

graphical issue

Final Verdict:2.5/5(Don't blame me, because it's my true feeling.).

This game has some potentials, but it really needs polish before release.Hope it's getting better next time, I know you can do it.

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Sorry I can't see your picture (I'm assuming it's because it's on your facebook), other than that thank you for you feedback. The lack of context is intentionnal and the content is not at all random but I can absolutely understand how that bugged you!

Anyway, thank you for playing and taking time to give me an honest feedback, that is much appreciated =)

hi, thx for this rally goog game. i love the dark atmosphere. its very creepy ;) big thx and greetz from germany, and sorry... i played it on my old laptop ;)

Nice one ! I did not get a word of german but I had fun reading the auto-subtitles from youtube, keep it up and thank you =)

how do I restart the game? I was checking to see how the game would record with my OBS and now I can't get back to the beginning. Uninstalled and reinstalled as well as fully downloading it again but it remembers where I am no matter what. help please...thanks ;)

Oh I'm sorry about that ! You know what I'll code a basic menu that allow you to reset the autosave!

Thanks for pointing that out ! It will just be a few hours (if nothing goes wrong haha)

no problem do your thing, no rush! thanks I really appreciate that! what little I played of your game was intriguing...can't wait to finish it!

Should be fixed, I uploaded a new package.

Please tell me if you have any issue ! and thanks for the feedback =)

AWESOME! thanks man..can't wait to play some more of the game! should have a video recorded in the morning and out by the afternoon. YAY!

That is awesome, thank you for your interest in that little game =) Also I've uploaded a new version to fix a serious bug ! Everything should be fine now. Looking forward to see you play !